Most jurisdictions permit third year law students enrolled in a law school clinical program such as an externship program to be sworn-in as limited practice student-attorneys. Some jurisdictions permit second year students to be sworn-in. Some offices encourage their externs to be sworn-in while others prefer that their externs not be sworn-in. If a student so prefers, his or her office approves, and the student otherwise meets the requirements and qualifications to be sworn-in as a limited practice student-attorney, the student is encouraged to do so.

Students seeking to be sworn-in must read their jurisdiction’s pertinent rule regarding student-attorneys, consult the applicable rule (generally a state supreme court rule and or federal district court rule), and ensure he or she meets all qualifications. In this regard, the below links may be of assistance.

  • All student practice rules
  • Mississippi Limited Practice Act                              
  • Mississippi State Motion and Order
  • Northern District of Mississippi Student Rule
  • Northern District (Mississippi) Motion and Order
  • Southern District of Mississippi Student Rule
  • Southern District (Mississippi) Motion and Order
  • Tennessee Limited Practice Rule