What is your application deadline?

The regular deadline for all completed applications is April 15th of the admission year.

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How early can I apply?

Our application generally opens online on September 1st. Our only method for accepting law applications is electronically through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). For more information, please visit our Application Requirements Page.

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Should I wait to apply until I receive my LSAT score?

You should not wait until you have received the results of the LSAT before filing your law school application. This could delay the admissions process and a decision on your file.

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Do you waive the application fee?

If you receive a fee waiver from Law Services to take the LSAT, we will also waive the application fee. You will need to provide our office with a copy of the approval letter that you receive from Law Services (LSAC).

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Do you take the highest LSAT score or do you average?

We take the highest LSAT score when making our admission decision. Scores are valid for five years.

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How many letters of recommendation are required?

A minimum of two academic letters of recommendation from professors who have taught you in class, or from professors who have direct experience with your academic ability and potential, are preferred. More information is available on our Application Requirements Page.

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Do you require a Personal Statement?

Yes and the personal statement is an integral part of your application. More information is available on our Application Requirements Page.

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Do you accept transfers?

A student who has completed the first year of law study and is in good standing at a law school that is approved by the American Bar Association may be considered for transfer to this law school. More information is available on our Transfer Students Page.

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Can I attend part-time?

No, we do not offer a part-time program. Our program is a full-time, day-time program only.

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What other factors does your school consider during the admission process?

Other factors include residency, undergraduate institution, difficulty of major, job experience, social, personal or economic circumstances, nonacademic achievement, letters of recommendation and grade patterns and progression.

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When will I be notified of a decision?

Most of our decisions are made between mid-February to late April. However, the admissions committee does begin making some decisions in December based on the strength of the applicant’s file.

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Do you defer admission?

No, we do not.

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Do you require a seat deposit?

Yes, we require 2 non-refundable seat deposits.

  1. The first seat deposit of $250 is usually due by April 15 of the enrollment year.  There will be a specific date mentioned in the acceptance packet.
  2. The second seat deposit of $150 is due on or before June 1 of the enrollment year.

Both seat deposits will be credited toward tuition if you enroll.

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Once I am admitted, can I go ahead and buy my books?

You do not want to buy your books until you know which section you have been assigned. Once section assignments are made and the professors have submitted their book lists (usually in July), all of the local bookstores are sent section lists, and then you simply tell the bookstore which section you are in. They will know which books you will need. Books generally run close to $600 per semester.

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Class Profile

What are your median GPA and LSAT scores?

The median GPA for the entering class of 2015 is 3.40, and the median LSAT is 155. The 75th percentile is 157, and the 25th percentile is 151. View more class profile information.

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How large is your entering class?

We enrolled 145 students for 2015. The class is divided into two sections. View more class profile information.

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Where do most of your graduates finds jobs?

Our Career Services director is Kristin Flierl, and she welcome inquiries. Ms. Flierl begins working with law students during their first year of law school to assist them with summer employment. She continues working with them through their second year for summer employment and through their third year for their first full-time legal or nonlegal position. Current statistics on employment, types of employers, location of positions and salaries are available at the Career Services Website.

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Does the law school offer any areas of special concentration?

The University of Mississippi School of Law offers three certificate programs and several areas of concentration for students.  A certificate in Business Law, Criminal Law and Remote Sensing, Air and Space Law may be obtained upon successful completion of designated requirements.  The law school also offers concentrations in tax and environmental law through a number of course offerings.  For more on our certificate programs, visit the certificate page.  For more on our specific academic offerings, visit our course selection guide.

What is your bar passage?

Our bar passage rate typically ranges in the 90th percentile and above.

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Tuition & Finances

How much is tuition?

View the tuition and financial aid page.

**PLEASE NOTE: Tuition for the upcoming academic year may change.

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Are scholarships available and do I have to fill out a separate scholarship application?

Scholarships are available; however, you do not have to complete a separate application. More information is available at our Tuition and Financial Aid Page.

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How do law students finance law school?

Most of our students receive financial aid. More Information is available at our Tuition and Financial Aid Page.

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Moving to Oxford, MS

Can I begin law school in the summer?

Yes, entering first-year students may take six hours during the summer. The courses that are usually offered are Criminal Law and Civil Procedure, both of which are three-hour courses.

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Can a nonresident establish Mississippi residency?

Yes, and many of our nonresidents do just that. After the first year of law school, a student can establish residency in this state, provided the student has lived in Mississippi for 12 consecutive months, and obtains a Mississippi driver’s license, car tag and voter’s registration. Non-resident students can obtain a residency form available on the Application Requirements Page.

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Where do most students live?

Most law students live in rental apartments or houses in Oxford. Housing guides are available through the Office of Law Admissions.

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How do I arrange a law school tour?

Applicants are encouraged to visit the School of Law. Arrangements can be made through the Office of Law Admissions at 662-915-6910, by emailing lawadmissions@olemiss.edu, or by completing the Law School Tour Request Form.  We give tours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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What is the complete mailing address that I should use for all correspondence?

The University of Mississippi
School of Law
Office of Law Admissions, Suite 1050
481 Chucky Mullins Drive
University, MS 38677

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