The University of Mississippi School of Law would like to recognize the following groups and individuals for their contributions to the law school.



Julie K. Adams
Marian S. Alexander
Jo Ann P. Ball
Richard W. Ball
Richard Ballew
Catherine B. Bitterman
Christa R. Bond
Emily C. Boone
Jeanie G. and Jeff R. Bowman
Kristen E. Boyden
Susan S. and Patrick H. Bradley
William R. Bradley, Sr.
John R. Braley IV
Patricia H. and John R. Brashier
Sandra A. and Billy G. Bridges
Susan C. Butler
Nancy L. and Roy D. Campbell III
Jane R. and George C. Carlson, Jr.
John L. Carter
Gay G. Coe
Holly H. and Kenneth O. Cooper
Betty C. Cruzen
Lavona S. Currie
Oscar E. Davis, Jr.
William J. Davis
Dianne Z. and Jack W. Dillard
Dolsie W. Doerr
Thomas C. Faris
James C. Fetterman
Jody Finver
Sarah Gesiriech
Susan B. and Alan C. Goodman
Billy L. Gore
Margaret S. Gratz
William H. Gullung III
Richard P. Hankins, Jr.
Timothy W. Hoffman
Gay D. Horne-Nelson
Deborah L. and David W. Houston III
Richard J. Hughes
Angie H. and Berkley N. Huskison
Natalie S. and Jeremy T. Hutto
Jerbrina L. Johnson
Carol G. Keenan
Brittani C. Kendrick
J. Lynn King
Brandon S. Leslie
Claudia M. Lewis
Jennifer S. Lindsey
Joe R. Lovelady
Betty C. and David P. Manuel
Jenny M. and Peter J. Markow, Jr.
Carroll and Dan Mayfield
Mandy M. and Brett F. McCall
Lynn S. and W. Holt McMullan
Samuel A. Montgomery
Joan C. and Stephen O. Moore
Mary S. and James P. Morgan
Celia C. and Sherman Muths, Jr.
T. Adam Newsome
Mary Lisa C. and William Oelze
Elizabeth B. and Robert H. Paine
Wanda A. and William A. Pate
Isadore W. Patrick, Jr.
Ellen M. Peel
M. Helen and Donald A. Phillips
Lynne and George B. Pickett, Jr.
Janet M. and Allie S. Povall, Jr.
Margaret T. and Thomas G. Puckett
Lisa and Alan M. Purdie
Mary E. Robb
Ronald L. Roberts
Donald H. Roth
Kortney D. Simmons
Susan H. Smith
Flolynn T. and Howard E. Stover
Sunsations Tanning Salon
Flora L. Thompson
John L. Thompson
Susan and Otis R. Tims
Ashley C. Tullos
Karen R. and J. Paul Varner
Lawrence W. Vaughn
Michelle C. and Samuel J. Waits, Jr.
Juliet H. and Gerald W. Walton
Joseph V. Wilson, Jr.
Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association
William L. Youngblood
Arnold H. Zudick



Ann J. and H. Dale Abadie
Kay S. and J. Warner Alford, Jr.
Nancy C. Alliegro
Carole S. and Hall Bailey
Kathryn H. Barnwell
Kathryn J. Bass
Patricia A. and Charles A. Becker, Jr.
James D. Bell
Jackye C. Bertucci
Si M. Bondurant
Bernard H. Booth IV
Alicia S. and Jason H. Bouldin
Norma S. Bourdeaux
Fred E. Bourn III
Ann Bowden-Hollis
Kathryn H. Bradley
Jaye A. and Kevin C. Bradley
Cynthia L. Brewer
Garry Brewer
Lindy D. Brown
Joseph W. Bullock
Robert A. Byrd
Bobby L. Chain
Cathy and Mark A. Chinn
John B. Clark
Meredith E. and J. McLean Collins
Rosie and Robert F. Cooper III
Robert D. Davidson
Jamie N. and Damon C. Derrick
Ellen F. and M. R. Doleac
April R. and Patrick B. Donnelly
Lois S. and Carl S. Downing
Lee S. Dreyfus, Jr.
William D. Drinkwater
Dulin and Dulin, LTD
Emily T. and Richard M. Dye
Julie K. and G. Scott Flowers
Richard A. Flynt
Ronald M. Frith
Edwina and William F. Goodman, Jr.
Mimi J. Gray
Reginald A. Gray III
Michael J. Hahn
Jennifer G. and Derek L. Hall
William C. Harris
Frank Hartley
Floyd A. Healy
Morella K. and John C. Henegan
Claudia B. and Ewin Henson III
Robert H. Hodges
Holmes Pettey Incorporated
Martha and O. Shaw Johnson, Jr.
Michael Kolodziejczak
KPMG Foundation
Colby H. Kullman
Jane R. and J. Larry Lee
T. Stewart Lee, Jr.
Larry O. Lewis
Patricia P. and William Lewis, Jr.
Donna M. and Tim W. Lindsay
Hubert S. Lipscomb, Jr.
Lockheed Martin University
Marc L. Lubet
Francine G. and William O. Luckett, Jr.
Michael Malski
Caroline S. and Cal Mayo, Jr.
D. Ferguson McNiel
David C. Meadors
Donna W. and Charles M. Merkel, Jr.
Mary C. and A. G. Nicols, Jr.
Alice and Richard C. O’Ferrall, Jr.
Patsy C. Pace
Jerry L. Patton
Ann C. and Edward P. Peacock III
Elizabeth S. and Scott W. Pedigo
Kathryn and Benjamin J. Piazza, Jr.
Plymouth Tube Co
Samuel T. Polk III
Robert E. Poll, Jr.
Robert L. Rawls
Elizabeth S. and Mark W. Rectanus
Jack R. Reed, Sr.
T. Richard Roberson, Jr.
Gary L. Roberts
Jeffrey T. Robinette
Stella and Farley Salmon, Jr.
Carlene M. and Pat H. Scanlon, Sr.
Jennie V. Silk
Ann A. and William Simmons
Cameron B. Smith
Nancy G. and Taylor B. Smith
W. Wayne Stogner
Terre S. and Henry P. Sullivant, Jr.
Christine B. and Julien R. Tatum, Jr.
Margaret G. Tatum
Jerry O. Terry
Joseph P. Testa
Pamela P. and Thomas R. Thomas
Dana Polus-Toma and Raymond D. Toma, Jr.
Latitia and William E. Trusty
Clint D. Vanderver
Kally and Kosta Vlahos
Henry K. Vye III
Barry J. Walker
Thomas L. Welch
Mary Anne and W. S. Welch III
Jamie R. and Jonathan R. Werne
Susan B. Westbrook
Angie M. and Roger W. Williams
Elise V. and William F. Winter
Rosemary and Thomas A. Womble
Gingia and W. Swan Yerger

Senior Partner


Wallace Allred
Joyce B. and Richard Amos
Thomas A. Bowman
David C. Bramlette
Frances E. and Roy B. Braswell
Jack W. Brewer
Donna C. and C. Buck Buchanan
Marion Burlak
Cary L. and Justin S. Cluck
Andrew W. Coffman
Joanne E. Coyne
Harvey Y. and Hal G. Fiser
John G. Gourlay, Jr.
James Groover
Maxine L. and Jeffrey M. Hanks
Jan B. and Eugene M. Harlow, Sr.
R. Web Heidelberg III
Daniel A. Hyde
Carrie E. Johnson
W. Roger Jones, Jr.
Cheryl Koth
Jonathan H. Leiner
Douglas E. Levanway
Constance H. and Thomas G. Lilly
Mary A. and Charles L. McBride, Jr.
Ronald E. McKenzie
Harriett and Brett Melvin
John M. Moody II
Michelle S. and S. K. Morgan, Jr.
Sara W. and Robert D. Morgan
Donald B. Morrison
Mary Elise B. Munn
Rene A. and Grover M. Myers
Randall H. Patterson
James A. Peden, Jr.
M. Brant Pettis
Tara Picciotti
Kelsey Q. Dockery and Ryan J. Pulkrabek
Ravine Restaurant
Rose D. and James L. Roberts, Jr.
Jan H. and Bobby D. Robinson
Dot and D. Briggs Smith, Jr.
Deborah R. Smith
Julia C. Spear
The Koerber Company
Robert E. Toone, Jr.
Susan R. Tsimortos
Paul D. Walley
Frank A. Yonish
John B. Zekert



Patricia M. and Guthrie T. Abbott, Sr.
Jennifer A. and Gerald M. Abdalla
Libby P. and H. Mark Adams
Barbara D. and David W. Arnold
Angela A. Avery and Goodloe T. Lewis
Ann and Steve Bailey
Richard L. Bond
William M. Bost, Jr.
W. Kerby Bowling, Jr.
Mellissa M. and Barry Bridgforth
Deborah A. Butler
Lillian N. Caudle
R. Richard Cirilli, Jr.
Kay B. and Larry D. Cobb
Elizabeth Cocke
Kelly H. and Edward P. Connell, Jr.
Chris Corso
Barbara M. and Edward J. Currie, Jr.
Bonnie P. and Glen H. Davidson
Christopher A. Davis
Tis N. and Ralph M. Dean III
Genevieve Deseglise
Patricia and Robert Drinkwater
Betty J. and William P. Dulaney
Sandra C. and Lee A. Durrett
FedEx Corporation
Anna C. Furr
Karen G. and Robert C. Galloway
Cathie and Gregory B. Gill, Sr.
Kathy O. and Ben Griffith
Harold O. Grissom, Jr.
Sherry R. and Michael O. Gwin
Timothy L. Hall
Jonathan C. Hancock
Thomas C. Harvey, Jr.
Melinda N. and Steven M. Hendrix
R. Lawson Holladay
Orman L. Kimbrough, Jr.
Nancy C. and Donald K. Krecker
William R. Lancaster
Norma R. and Tom S. Lee
Ina B. Leonard
LLSB General Account
Margaret O. and Milton L. Lovell
Linda G. and H. Roger Lutz
Sander P. Margolis
MB-YLD Fellows Account
Tammie M. and James A. McCullough II
James F. McKenzie
Russell W. Mills
Mississippi Workers Compensation Edu Assoc, Inc
Montague Pittman & Varnado
Marie S. and D. Rook Moore III
Allene and Doyle B. Moorhead
Shirley A. and William T. Moroney
Margaret E. Murdock
Jane Kerr G. and Robert B. Nance III
Shirley E. and J. David Orlansky
Arthur J. Park
Katherine M. and John L. Pearson III
Michelle P. and David K. Pharr
Ashley W. and Crymes M. Pittman
David J. Puddister
Kenneth B. Rector
Stephen W. Rosenblatt
Michael H. Sadler
Margarite S. and David P. Salley
Mary H. and Lucius F. Sams, Jr.
Elizabeth and Scott J. Schwartz
F. Ames Smith
Lyndall J. and Gary P. Snyder
Rhonda S. and Ronald T. Solberg
Kathy D. Sones
Stacey P. Stracener
Tailored Title LLC
Debbie and Gary D. Thrash
Marsha H. and Frank L. Tindall, Jr.
Frances D. and H. Hunter Twiford III
Dennis W. Voge
Molly L. and Robert F. Walker
Jane M. and Thomas H. Walman
Janis M. and Robert A. Weems
Heather W. and Walter J. White
F. Ren Wilkes
Edward A. Wilmesherr



Adams and Reese LLP
Emily A. and Harry R. Allen
Amy B. and Derek R. Arrington
Jane B. and Paul M. Baddour, Sr.
Natalie and Robert R. Bailess
Selicie Balay
Rita L. and William J. Bender
Patricia M. and E. Josh Bogen, Jr.
Stratton H. Bull, Jr.
C. Hays Burchfield
Wendy C. and Jay P. Carmean
Lila E. and Risher G. Caves
Chevron Texaco
W. J. Coleman
Elizabeth S. and John G. Corlew
Joseph N. Corsale, Jr.
L. Pepper Cossar
Betsy and Timothy D. Crawley
Lucille W. and James H. Creekmore
Dorie M. and Thomas A. Damisch
William M. Deavours
Clifton M. Decker
Delta Theta Phi Foundation Inc
Leonaedo D. Drew
Anne S. and Robert W. Elliott, Sr.
First National Bank of Clarksdale
Aleita S. Fitch
Gaye P. and Roger M. Flynt, Jr.
Frascogna Courtney, PLLC
Ashley H. and Kevin W. Frye
Lynn C. and Stewart Gammill III
Michelle and Craig M. Geno
Donna Levine and I. Richard Gershon
Susan H. and G. O. Griffith, Jr.
Hoover H. and William C. Gunn
Willie H. Gunn
J. C. Harrison
Stephanie C. and Stephen L. Henning
Dan Hodges
Holcomb Dunbar Law Offices
William H. Howard III
Margaret B. and Patrick H. Johnson, Jr.
S. Joel Johnson
Bettye S. Jolly
E. Grady Jolly
J. Kizer Jones
Margaret W. and Michael L. Keleher
Melinda A. and James A. Koerber
William N. Krucks Esq.
Andrea D. and Donald N. Lazarus
Vicki R. and C. P. Leggett, Jr.
Elliot H. Loden
John C. Love, Jr.
Lee M. and Donald W. Maliniak
Elizabeth L. and David F. Maron
Berlon M. Mauldin
Mayo Mallette PLLC
Shelia and John M. McCullouch
Dorothy S. McGehee
H. Mayes McGehee
David W. Mockbee
Frank D. Montague, Jr.
Frank D. Montague III
Deborah F. McAbee and J. Byron Morris
Ms Assoc of Co Bd Attys
Melody and Ronald Musgrove
Elizabeth M. and John W. Narron
Nayla A. and George J. Nassar, Jr.
Julia and Rush O’Keefe, Jr.
Lisa R. and LeRoy H. Paris II
Sandra K. and Myles A. Parker
Bonnie and J. Stewart Parrish
Katherine V. Parrish
Donald B. Patterson
J. Landon Phillips, Jr.
Alana C. and Perry W. Phillips
Margaret A. and Charles W. Pickering
Benjamin Piper
Melinda S. and J. S. Ray
Regions Bank
Virginia C. and Richard Roberts III
Linda T. and James L. Robertson
Michael C. Saripkin
Jean M. Shaw
Valerie W. and George M. Simmerman, Jr.
Constance Slaughter-Harvey
Smith & Fawer, LLC
Leslie M. and Gordon L. Stanfield
Lauren Cavalier and W. Kannan Stubbs
Sushi Ann Corp
Mary L. Sweat
Tannehill & Carmean, PLLC
Pamela P. and Hugh E. Tanner
Martha and James T. Thomas IV
Larry A. Thompson
Trustmark National Bank
Robert M. Tyner, Jr.
Michael W. Ulmer
Christian B. Waddell
Diane S. and Paul G. Walker
William L. Waller, Jr.
Candace C. and David A. Wheeler
Jeannine H. and Charles Neel White
Judith Current and Jackson L. White
Ruth T. and H. Rodger Wilder
Anne and Joseph T. Wilkins III
Zebulon M. Winstead
Helen S. and James E. Woods
Wright Law Firm



AM Board Of Trial Advocates
Deborah H. Bell and Neil W. White III
Susan S. and William C. Brabec
Deloitte & Touche Foundation
Mary Ann H. and Don L. Fruge’
Melissa B. and Matthew R. Hall
Kay B. and Carson M. Hughes
Douglas B. Lewis
Richard C. Miller III
Mississippi Bar Foundation
Leigh A. and Brian A. Montague
Rankin County Bar Association
Steen Dalehite & Pace, LLP
Lee Ann C. and S. Calvin Thigpen
Jan J. and John E. Wade, Jr.
William T. Wynn Memorial Fund



Phyllis W. and Reuben V. Anderson
J. Shannon Clark
Emily Dindail
C. Martin Dunagin, Jr.
Beverly Z. and James H. Herring
Laura H. and L. Dean Holleman
Lisa C. and Timothy C. Holleman
Janet and C. M. Lusco
M B Sections Fund
Michael T. Lewis &
Mockbee Hall & Drake P.A.
MS Bankruptcy Conference Inc
Ms Defense Lawyers Assn.
Pittman Germany Roberts & Welsh
Amanda W. and Kent E. Smith
Joyce Sumners
Mary M. Thompson
Jane O. and William D. Young



Elizabeth W. Bufkin
Alice O. Callicutt
Carroll Warren & Parker PLLC
Copeland Cook Taylor & Bush PA
Betsy S. and Wade H. Creekmore, Jr.
Daniel Coker Horton & Bell PA
Dorothy L. and Hardy P. Graham
Bettie Y. and R. Newell Graham
Martha B. and Michael R. Hess
Becky W. Johnson
Larry L. Johnson
Mississippi Valley Title
Mitchell, McNutt & Sams, P.A.
Mary K. and Alex D. Navab
Miriam H. and James W. Newman III
Jessie D. Puckett, Jr.
Erwin E. Smith Foundation
Sandra P. and Roy C. Williams



Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz PC
Butler, Snow, O’Mara, Stevens & Cannada PLLC
Helen and C. York Craig, Jr.
ExxonMobil Foundation
Seth R. Gouguet
Kelly Gene Cook Charitable Foundation
Suzanne R. and H. Dixon Montague
Barbara H. and William S. Mullins III
Kristie and David H. Nutt
Sharon E. and Thomas H. Rhoden
Heather J. and Robert F. Wilkins