Impetus for Launching this Program

The Career Services Office has historically been faced with a legal dilemma:  how can we give potential employers access to student resumes without violating the law.  The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits the disclosure of personally identifiable student information to third parties without the student’s written consent.  Yet, we regularly receive requests from employers asking us to “send us some resumes.”

The Solution—Graduating Law Student Resume Bank

With the Class of 2012, the Career Services Office plans to launch an opt-in database which will allow potential employers to search graduating student resumes for potential employees.  This Resume Bank, once advertised statewide to area law firms, will allow potential employers to contact participating students directly.  Graduates’ profiles will be housed on the Career Services Office page of the law school website for fully one year after graduation.  This service will allow employers interested in University of Mississippi Law graduates to find qualified applicants.

How it Works

For Students

Participating graduating students MUST meet the following requirements in order to participate:

  1. Participation is strictly voluntary; no student is required to participate in this program.
  2. The graduates must develop, with the help of the Career Services staff, a modified resume for inclusion on the website.
    1. In an effort to maintain both privacy and security, students will provide potential employers with their names and e-mail addresses only.  Consider establishing and/or using a g-mail account for this purpose.
    2. As an added precaution, every employer request will be “cc’d” to a Career Services e-mail address set up for this purpose.
  3. The modified resume must be approved by the Career Services staff.
  4. Students must complete a practice area priority form, indicating up to five areas of legal practice that an individual student is most interested in exploring.  These are the search terms that employers will use to locate potential candidates, so we encourage serious thought go into listing your priorities.
  5. Let Career Services know if you wish to have your photograph included or excluded on your profile.

Important Policy Notes

It is important for you to know that any student can update, remove or re-post a resume throughout the year following graduation by contacting the Career Services Office.  Updating your job search information will be especially important once you pass the bar examination(s) and are admitted to the bar(s).  However, Career Services Office reserves the right to remove your entry into the Graduating Student Resume Bank as well. Please note that our office will remove the entry of any participating graduate who does not respond to the 9-month post-graduation employment survey.  We are required by the ABA and NALP to provide this information annually and we would appreciate your prompt response to the survey questionnaire.  Since our ultimate goal is to further employment efforts of our graduates, we will consider reinstatement upon submission of the post-graduate survey on a case-by-case basis.

For Employers

Participating Employers will be able to:

  1. Conduct a search of students with experience in a designated practice area via our pull-down menu.
  2. For your added convenience, the search results will display ALL students who match your search criteria, making their resumes available for your review.
  3. Once you have selected a graduate you are interested in interviewing, you may contact that student directly via the e-mail address that they have supplied.
  4. Schedule an interview with applicants at a time and place of mutual convenience.
  5. Select a University of Mississippi recent graduate to fill your hiring needs.

View the Non-Discrimination Policy

The Graduating Students Resume Bank will be online soon.