All registered student organizations are eligible for assistance, including funds, documentation, media coverage, promotion and webspace. Non-registered students groups will not be given priority and, in some cases, might not be eligible for the same advantages as registered student groups. Registration allows the law school to:

  1. Promote the diverse activities of its students
  2. Enable student organizations to communicate with members and non-members.

If your organization needs assistance with:

  • Finances, they may apply to either the LSSB or the ASB.
  • Managing their webspace (through OrgSync), they may contact –

    Coulter Ward
    Assistant Dean of Students for Student Involvement
    Phone: (662) 915-7826
  • Using the law school’s facilities, they may contact Dean Edmondson.
  • Reserving a room, they may use the Room Schedule and Request.
  • Having photographs made of a special event, they may contact the Office of Communications.
  • Sending out a general invitation to the law school community or university campus or in any way promote an upcoming event, they may contact the Office of Communications.

If you would like to start a law school organization OR if your organization is not registered on OrgSync, visit the Orgsync Registration Page.

Please pay special attention to the “What You Will Need” section. Organization webmasters will need to read and follow the instructions at the campus organizations website. Following this process, the president of the organization should come by the Student Affairs office (Office 3016, 3rd floor of the law building) with copies of all the documents he or she gave to the Dean of Students (e.g., the What You Will Need).