• American Constitution Society for Law and Policy
    The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (“ACS”) is a progressive legal organizations consisting of lawyers, law students, scholars, judges, policymakers and other concerned individuals. The organization’s mission is to ensure that fundamental principles of human dignity, individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, and access to justice enjoy their rightful, central place in American law.  Every year the organization hosts guests to speak on current issues.
  • Black Law Students Association
  • Business Law Society
  • Christian Legal Society
    The Christian Legal Society provides an opportunity for Christian law students to engage in weekly bible study, prayer and community service.  Bible study groups often occur at various students’ homes.
  • Dean’s Leadership Council
    The Dean’s Leadership Council is a group of 60 diverse students (20 from each class) chosen by the law school administration to represent the law school and to assist with Orientation, Pre-Law Day, Pre-Admit Day and awards and scholarship receptions, among other duties. They also conduct tours for prospective students visiting the law school.  These students have exhibited strong leadership skills and are recommended by faculty and staff.
  • Delta Theta Phi
    Delta Theta Phi, which began in 1900, is a professional law fraternity and a member of the Professional Fraternity Association. It is the only law fraternity with an authoritatively recognized law review, The Adelphia Law Journal.  Delta Theta Phi is a service organization that any law student can join and this particular chapter has a very active alumni base.
  • Environmental Law Society
    The mission of the Environmental Law Society is to promote discussion and awareness of environmental issues by hosting speakers and having student discussion with attorneys practicing environmental law, coordinating community projects and promoting social activities. Their goals are to enhance legal education through the environmental law program at the University of Mississippi School of Law and to promote internships/externships and career opportunities in environmental law in both the public and private sectors.
  • Federalist Society
    The Federalist Society is an organization that encourages free and vigorous debate on campus regarding issues of law and public policy.  The Federalist Society brings nationally-recognized speakers, hosts faculty panels and sponsors smaller round table events throughout the year.  Membership is open to all law students.
  • The Gorove Society of International Law
    The Gorove Society of International Law seeks law students interested in international law, international business law, international environmental law, space law or remote sensing.  Membership is open to any law student.
  • The Journal of Space Law
  • Law Association for Women
    The Law Association for Women (“LAW”) is an organization with the purpose of representing the interests and concerns of female law students. LAW does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, color, religion, disability, national origin or sexual orientation.
  • Law Partners
    Law Partners is an organization open to law students and their significant others. Incoming students and their families are encouraged to join.  The organization assists families with their transition to Oxford and life with a family member in law school. The group gathers at least once a month for social events.
  • Law School Student Body Association

    The Law School Student Body comprises students who have paid dues and are members of the first, second or third year law school classes. LSSB activities include the back to school party, halloween party, Barrister’s Ball, end of the year party and community service outings. The LSSB has over 300 dues paying students.
  • Law School Student Newspaper
    This organization exists to produce a newspaper, in an electronic or other format, for the University of Mississippi School of Law. This organization is open to all law students.
  • Law Students for Reproductive Justice
    Law Students for Reproductive Justice works to educate law students and members of the general public about reproductive justice issues.  This organization invites guest speakers, hosts panel discussions and coordinates efforts with other organizations in the community.
  • Mississippi Association for Justice
    The Mississippi Association for Justice is involved in providing resources and educating legal professionals about representing individual clients in misconduct and negligence causes of action.  Local attorneys and judges are invited to speak at the organization’s monthly meetings. Membership is open to all law students.
  • Mississippi Defense Lawyers Association
    The Mississippi Defense Lawyers Association’s purpose is to educate law students who clerk or plan to work in defense firms about the procedure and techniques used to defend clients in litigation.
  • The Mississippi Law Journal
  • Mississippi Sports Law Review
  • Moot Court Board
  • Negotiation Team
  • OUTlaw
    OUTlaw is a student organization dedicated to equal rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (“GLBT”) persons both at the University of Mississippi School of Law and in society at large. OUTlaw serves its population by providing support and a forum for the discussion of legal or political issues affecting GLBT individuals. It also serves an important social function: it allows students, faculty and staff at the law school to establish friendships and identify other students, faculty and staff with a commitment to the GLBT community. Of note, OUTlaw was successful in developing the first GLBT Law Alumni chapter in the Southeastern Conference.
  • Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International
    The Lamar Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta encourages community service.  Every year the fraternity assists in organizing and overseeing a Halloween and Mardi Gras party for the Boys and Girls Club of Oxford.  The fraternity holds several social events throughout the year.  The organization also invites legal professionals speak to its members. Phi Alpha Delta has an extensive alumni network.  It is open to all students.
  • Phi Delta Phi
    Phi Delta Phi International was established in 1869 to promote a higher standard of professional ethics and is among the oldest of legal organizations in North America. Phi Delta Phi serves as an honor and service organization for students at the law school.
  • Public Interest Law Foundation
    The University of Mississippi Public Interest Law Foundation (“PILF”) works to educate law students about the diversity of public interest law through meaningful volunteer opportunities and community involvement throughout the year. Specifically, PILF sponsors a winter or spring break trip. Last year it partnered with the Civil Legal Housing Clinic to help with legal research and case development in the Mississippi Delta. This year PILF will partner with the UM Pro Bono Group, UT and the University of Memphis Public Auction Law Society to help immigrants obtain U.S. visas so they can report crimes committed against them without having to fear repercussions because of their immigrant status.  PILF also holds fundraisers all year long so it can provide stipends to individual students who work in various unpaid public interest jobs over the summer.
  • Society for the Law of Outer Space and Aviation
    The Society for the Law of Outer Space and Aviation is a society led by law students interested in the law governing the conduct of spaceflight and aviation activities. This body of law includes both domestic laws of the U.S. and other nations and the ever-expanding body of public and private international law.  This is the organization’s first year in existence at the law school.
  • Sports Law Society
    The Sports Law Society is an organization for law students interested in sports law careers. The purpose of the organization is to learn more about sports law while networking with attorneys in the field. The Sports Law Society hosts speakers annually, such as the University of Mississippi Associate Athletic Director of Compliance as well as other figures in the athletic industry.
  • St. Thomas More Catholic Law Society
    St. Thomas More Society is a Catholic faith based organization that focuses on community service. Annual goals are conducting an annual Red Mass (a Mass held for attorney, judges, law faculty, government officials and law students) and becoming outstanding members of the legal community, while exercising Catholic values. This organization is open to all students.
  • Student Health Law Association
    The University of Mississippi Student Health Law Association (“SHLA”) was established in 2006 as a student-run organization of law students with a legal interest in the health care field. The organization’s goal is to work to gain a greater understanding of health law and health policy both at a state and a federal level. Any student who is interested in health law issues, opportunities and programs is encouraged to join. The organization is affiliated as a student group with the American Health Lawyers Association, the nation’s largest, nonpartisan, educational organization devoted to legal issues in the healthcare field.