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Christopher Green

Professor Green joined the faculty in 2006. He practiced law with Phelps Dunbar in Jackson, Miss., specializing in appellate litigation, and clerked for Judge Rhesa H. Barksdale of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Professor Green teaches Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Property, Real Estate Transactions and Commercial Paper.

Professor Green has published Some Themes From Judge Rhesa H. Barksdale’s Published Opinions, 79 Miss. L.J. 261 (2010); McDonald v. Chicago, the Meaning-Application Distinction, and ‘Of’ in the Privileges or Immunities Clause, Engage, Mar. 2010, at 26; “This Constitution”: Constitutional Indexicals as a Basis for Textualist Semi-Originalism, 84 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1607 (2009); The Original Sense of the (Equal) Protection Clause: Subsequent Interpretation and Application, 19 Geo. Mason U. Civ. Rts. L.J. 219 (2009); The Original Sense of the (Equal) Protection Clause: Pre-Enactment History, 19 Geo. Mason U. Civ. Rts. L.J. 1 (2008); Punishing Corporations: The Food-Chain Schizophrenia in Punitive Damages and Criminal Law, 87 Neb. L. Rev. 197 (2008); The Food-Chain Issue for Corporate Punishment: What Criminal Law and Punitive Damages Can Learn from Each Other, Engage, Feb. 2008, at 40; Suing One’s Sense Faculties for Fraud: “Justifiable Reliance” in the Law as a Clue to Epistemic Justification, 36 Phil. Papers 49 (2007); and Originalism and the Sense-Reference Distinction, 50 St. Louis U.L.J. 555 (2006). All of these articles can be downloaded at SSRN.

His current research projects include the punishment of corporations, the application of constitutional theory to the Fourteenth Amendment, the epistemology of testimony, memory and perception, and the law and ethics of self-defense.

*Professor Green is on leave for the 2013 fiscal year.