Technology in the Practice of Law Skills Series – Video Archive

The explosion of technological tools available to make the practice of law more efficient is outpaced only by the need for lawyers to identify, acquire, and integrate technology into their courtroom and office settings.  In order to provide training on client management software, “paperless” office procedures, electronic court document filing systems, and other cutting-edge topics, the UM Clinical Programs and the Grisham Law Library have partnered for the past three years to bring speakers to the law school from as many areas of expertise as possible through the “Technology & the Practice of Law Skills Series.”  This archive of the speaker series is offered to assist both law students and practitioners to identify existing methods of doing business, along with continuing advancements that will change the landscape of traditional “paper-based” practice forever.

Creating and Managing a Law Office Through the Use Specific Technology

Matthew Baldridge Esq., Baldridge Law Firm, PLLC

Using Microsoft Word to Create Legal Documents

Justin Cook, Staff Attorney with the Office of Indigent Appeals

Computing in the Cloud, Document Search Software (DMS), and Creating the Paperless Law Office

Craig Bayer of Optiable and Tom O’Connor of Advanced Discovery

Introduction to the Use of Mississippi Electronic Courts (MEC)

Clint Pentecost, Counsel with the Mississippi Supreme Court

Discovery in the 21st Century: Changing Perspectives on the Law and Technology

Drew Lewis, eDiscovery Counsel

Software for Law Office Management

Rick Patt, Chair of the Mississippi Bar Technology Committee

Trial Director, Case Document and Trial Management Software

Dennis Joiner, Federal Public Defender for Mississippi,