Program in Air and Space Law – Online

Program Admission

With the online option, a student can take courses anytime and anywhere in the United States without the time and geographical constraints required to attend on-campus courses. If you are located outside of the United States, please inquire as to online access prior to submitting an application for admission.

Admission requirements to the online program are the same as for the on-campus program.

Following admission, a change in status (i.e., online to on-campus) requires the approval of the Director or Associate Director.

Course Requirements

Online students must satisfy the same course requirements as the on-campus students in order to receive an LL.M. degree or a Graduate Certificate. All students must successfully complete a minimum of 26 credit hours.

The course materials, deadlines, and grading standards will be the same for online and on-campus students. The only difference between the two is where the student is located. 

Online Student Experience

The online requirements are identical to the on-campus requirements. Online students can attend all of the LL.M. and Graduate Certificate lectures live (synchronous), if the online student connects at the time the courses are being offered. When online students are able to attend live, the online student will be able to participate in the classroom experience with on-campus students and other online students live.  All students and professors will be able to see and hear the online students, and vice-a-versa.

Alternatively, if the online student cannot attend the live classes, the online student will attend at his or her own convenience by downloading the lectures/PowerPoint slides online (on the computer or mobile phone), and participating in classroom assignments, discussion forums, and exams/papers.

All students, regardless of whether they are on-campus or online, will be able to access the courses anytime and anyplace with a computer or phone with an Internet connection. Professors also have the option to use Blackboard, which will allow them to post course information such as their syllabi, PowerPoint, lecture materials, notes, assignments, tests, announcements, and discussion forums. The discussion forums will enable all students and professors to post questions, answers, and comments 24/7 and from any location around the globe.