Alexandre Publishes New Book

Michele Alexandre, associate  professor of law and Jessie D. Puckett, Jr., lecturer, recently published a new book, “Sexploitation: Sexual Profiling and the Illusion of Gender.”  “Sexploitation” is available in kindle format and in hardcover. You may find the book on Amazon.


In “Sexploitation”, Alexandre proposes a model for legal reform and gender activism designed to maximize commonalities shared by seemingly disparate groups. To unearth these vulnerabilities and understand their impact on lived realities, Alexandre calls for the application of the universal vulnerability construct in various aspects of our jurisprudence as well as in social interactions. Specifically, she discusses the lived realities of marginalized groups who, unfortunately, are too often overlooked, and investigates the role of culture in cementing persistent biases.

In so doing, chapters provide examples of areas of law and society that are stagnated by sexual profiling and attachment to illusory gender-based distinctions. She formulates a practical model for promoting structural and individual accountability that encourages everyone to check and eradicate these biases. Ultimately, this proposed model considers transformative possibilities within both law and culture which remain yet untapped.