December 14, 1954 – January 22, 2013

Professor Richard Lee Barnes’s personal commitment to Native American art, landscape and culture was evidenced in his photography. Through his lens, he captured the subtle beauty of the arid desert and iconic architecture of the West.  In addition to Professor Barnes’s gift for photography, it was his life’s joy to experience the outdoors through mountain biking and teaching skiing and snowboarding in Taos, New Mexico. His interests in agriculture and Indian law stemmed from his Cherokee grandparents and his childhood on an Arizona farm. In addition, Professor Barnes was an impressive scholar in the areas of business law, secured transactions, Indian law and Article 9. He began his professorship at the University of South Dakota in 1983. A member of the University of Mississippi faculty since 1989, he was the Leonard B. Melvin Distinguished Lecturer and Professor of Law. He was well loved by his students and peers alike.

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Below are some of the titles of Professor Barnes’s photography.

Acoma Beloved Impression of Acoma Church, NM
Albany Fall Fountain Kit Carson Bench
Chairlift rime Mud Flats Mississippi Coast
Chicago Natural Finish
Cotton in Winter Rillito Motion
Dolo Herd San Fransisco Adobe
Dune Walker San Fransisco de Año de Taos
Dunes & Sky, Black & White Sea Breeze
Eastern Edge of Enchanted Circle, NM See “Sea” Rings
Grandmother Rock Mesa, Acoma, NM Taos Christmas
Hay in Ice Fog Taos Fence
Holy Communion Taos Pueblo North Home
I Pipe Taos Sidewalk
Ice Fences West Texas Ice
Ice Plants Western Shoshore Sky
Iced Cactus Yellowstone Lake “June”