How to Participate

How to get your firm involved:

For your firm to participate, simply contact our development team: Carol Mockbee: or Suzette Matthews: We’ll help you get set up!

Once you are signed up:

  1. Recruit a Team Captain;
  2. Read and review the Captain Toolkit;
  3. Download and share our UM Law Facts and Giving Info with members of your firm.

Rules and Dates:

  1. The competition starts July 1, 2018 and ends June 30, 2019. All donations must be given during this time period to be included in the firm’s 100% giving participation goal. Gifts already given during these dates will be included – you do not have to give again.
  2. If your firm reaches 100% giving participation, you will receive a trophy, recognition on the UM website, and recognition in our alumni newsletter. The firm that reaches 100% in their group category will receive a personalized trophy, special placement on the UM website, and special placement in our alumni newsletter.

Law Firm Categories:

  • Group 1: Firms with 41 or more Alumni
  • Group 2: Firms with 11-40 Alumni
  • Group 3: Firms with 3-10 Alumni
  • Group 4: Other Entities (Offices with UM Law Alumni that are not law firms)

How to Give