Publications and Monographs

Mississippi Employment Law Practice Handbook

This detailed handbook makes the muddied waters of employment law much clearer by guiding the reader through both the practical and procedural complexities that are employment law. Experienced legal minds worked to put together a thorough but simpler and more efficient way of finding the law or at least finding a starting point. The handbook is well outlined for easy searches and quick scans of topics so that you are not flipping through page after page wasting precious time. Federal and Mississippi law is divided up for a more comprehensive structure, and chapters include An Overview of Federal Labor and Employment Law, authored by Louis H. Watson, Jr., and Vangela M. Wade; An Overview of Mississippi Labor and Employment Law, written by R. Pepper Crutcher, Jr., and A. Matt Pesnell; Mississippi Employment Law At-Will Doctrine: Status of the Law and Current Exceptions by Daniel P. Jordan III; Mississippi Worker’s Compensation Law by Scott Clark and Phyllis Cark; The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 by Kenneth E. Milam and W. Thomas McCraney III; and Immigration and Naturalization Issues by Barry J. Walker. Employment law can be a challenge for the most experienced attorney but this very practical reference tool can help.

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Foreclosure Law in Mississippi Practice Handbook

This practical and thorough handbook is the finished product of an impressive collaboration between experienced attorneys and seasoned legal scholars, making it the first of its kind in Mississippi. The manual covers both the practical and procedural aspects of foreclosure law with emphasis on the practical side. The handbook includes an introduction by Guthrie Abbott, professor of law at The University of Mississippi, with chapters including Foreclosure Procedure, authored by John C. Underwood, Jr., Alternatives to Foreclosure and Foreclosure of a Construction Loan by Mark T. Davis, Environmental Issues by Ernest G. Taylor, and Obtaining Possession by Jeffrey R. Barber and Kristina M. Johnson. Each chapter is authored by some of Mississippi’s finest lawyers and provides quick access to information when one of those not so routine cases comes up. The Foreclosure Law Practice Handbook can be a guide and training tool for legal assistants and new associates as well as a desk reference and convenient source of citations for senior partners.

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Divorce 101

This publication is meant to help attorneys just beginning domestic practice and to provide additional forms and resources for novice and seasoned attorneys.  The content is essentially divided into three sections: Pre-Filing Activities; Filing and Litigation; and Closing the Case.  In addition to valuable practice advice, there are over a dozen forms commonly used in contested and irreconcilable differences cases.

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Bankruptcy 101 Monograph

This publication is meant to help attorneys just beginning bankruptcy practice and to provide additional forms and resources for novice and seasoned attorneys.  The content is divided by stages in the bankruptcy process and is heavily populated with sample forms.  Note: There is very little interpretive text to accompany the forms.  Many forms are filled with sample information.

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