Connecticut Law Review Publishes Prof. Berry’s Book Review

The Connecticut Law Review recently published a book review that it had solicited from Prof. William Berry.  The book review, titled “Right about Wrongs?”, reviewed “Because It Is Wrong” a recent book by Harvard Law Professor Charles Fried and his son Suffolk Philosophy Professor Gregory Fried.  Their book considers the propriety of the Bush administration’s use of torture and surveillance in the War on Terror.

The book review concludes that, for the most part, Fried and Fried are “right” about “wrongs”—that is, their arguments concerning torture and surveillance generally are persuasive.  Further, this it explores the consequences of the Frieds’ conceptualization of torture on the use of capital punishment in the United States.  Specifically, it argues that the moral underpinnings of torture as “wrong” in all circumstances, to the degree that one adopts their normative framework, offer a compelling basis for the abolition of the death penalty.

Prof. Berry’s book review can be found here.