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Fighting to Live: A Symposium on Race and Sustainability

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April 1, 2015
7:00 am - 9:00 pm


1092, 1078, 1115, 3001B


Prof. Michele Alexandre

No other faculty activities may occur during this time.

The reality and specter of race continue to plague America. The American South, however, faces particular challenges to sustainable living that have proved daunting. Basic access to food, education, health, and housing still elude many in the Southern region. As a result, activists, scholars, and health providers in the region have been struggling to innovate and create opportinities that could help enable sustainable life for the many disadvantaged groups in Mississippi.

The symposium participants will examine the data collected on sustainability efforts in MS and other parts of the country to determine loci and means of future actions and efforts.

For more information and the full program visit: https://law.olemiss.edu/sustainability-mississippi-symposium/

To register: https://law.olemiss.edu/sustainability-mississippi-symposium/registration/

Flyer: http://law.olemiss.edu/assets/Race-and-Sustainability-Flyer-Mar-3.pdf

Contact: Professor Michèle Alexandre malexand@olemiss.edu or 662.915.6858 Jennifer Kirby-McLemore jmkirby@go.olemiss.edu