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What is Free Speech in the Age of Terror?

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April 3, 2014
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Bryant Hall Room 209
While our government has an obligation to protect us from terrorism, Congress must tread carefully when attempting to examine peoples’ thoughts or classify their beliefs as inside or outside the mainstream. How can we protect our citizens from the threat of violent extremists while safeguarding constitutionally protected freedom of speech?
A Discussion Panel
Michael W. Macleod-Ball, ACLU Washington Legislative Office Chief of Staff.  Mr. Macleod-Ball has managed the WLO staff for over six years and previously served as Executive Director of the ACLU of Alaska for three years.  Prior to joining the ACLU, Macleod-Ball practiced law in Maine for over 15 years, having been admitted to the Maine Bar in 1989 and to the federal district court in 1990. He held positions in state and federal government and as a political organizer for over ten years prior to entering the law.
Professor Matthew Hall, Senior Associate Dean at the Law School.   Professor Hall’s scholarship focuses on the intersection of national security law, criminal procedure, and immigration law.  Before joining the faculty, he worked at the Department of Justice, Civil Division, Office of Immigration Litigation on a team of attorneys that specialized in counter-terrorism matters.
John Hailman, U.S. Attorney, retired. Mr. Hailman served in the U. S. Attorney’s office in Oxford for thirty-three years, including the prosecution of terrorism cases.  An inaugural Overby Fellow in journalism, Hailman is the author of Midnight to Guntown: True Crime Stories from a Federal Prosecutor in Mississippi.