Faculty Highlights – February 2018

Professor Will Berry‘s article, Magnifying Miranda, was recently published in the Texas Tech Law Review as part of a symposia on the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Miranda v. Arizona. The symposium was held in Lubbock, Texas last April.  The citation for the article is 50 Texas Tech L. Rev. 97 (2017).

Professor Will Berry recently wrote 3 articles for the February issue of the American Bar Association’s magazine PREVIEW, which previews upcoming oral arguments before the United States Supreme Court. He previewed the following cases: Currier v. Virginia, City of Hays, Kansas v. Vogt, and Dahda v. United States.

Professor Will Berry recently reviewed a law review article for the online publication, Jotwell. His review, Rethinking Capital Felony Murder, assesses the merits of the article by Guyora Binder, Brenner Fissell, & Robert Weisberg, Capital Punishment of Unintentional Felony Murder, 92 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1142 (2017). His essay can be found here: https://crim.jotwell.com/rethinking-capital-felony-murder/.  The citation is William W. Berry III, Rethinking Capital Felony Murder, JOTWELL (February 12, 2018) (reviewing Guyora Binder, Brenner Fissell, & Robert Weisberg, Capital Punishment of Unintentional Felony Murder, 92 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1142 (2017)), https://crim.jotwell.com/rethinking-capital-felony-murder/.

Professor Will Berry‘s article, Enhancing “Education”: Rebalancing the Relationship Between Athletics and the University, was recently published in the Louisiana Law Review as part of a symposium on sports law held in January 2017–Blurring Lines: Emerging Trends and Issues in Sports and Gaming Law. The citation is 78 La. L. Rev. 197 (2017), and the article is available here: https://lawreview.law.lsu.edu/issues/.

Professor Ron Rychlak‘s publication Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie, and Miranda Warnings, 50 Texas Tech Law Rev. 15 (2017) was just published. It argues that Miranda, having become as all-American as baseball, etc., is and has been recognized as an actual part of the Fifth Amendment as opposed to being simply a protective device for the Fifth Amendment.

Professor Stacey Lantagne recently served as the invited Guest of Honor at Illogicon VII, a fan-run sci-fi/fantasy convention. She spoke on panels about fan activities, fair use, and other legal implications of creative activities, like podcasting and book marketing.

Senior Associate Dean Ben Cooper was elected Chair Elect of the AALS Section on Professional Responsibility for 2018. We will serve as President of the Section in 2019.

Professor Will Berry was named the Chair-Elect of the Sports Law Section of the American Association of Law Schools, and will serve in that role during the 2018-19 academic year.