Forty-five Law Students Sworn In at the Historic Courthouse on the Square

Clincial Swearing In (a) 12916

By: Professor Phil Broadhead

On January 29, 2016, Circuit Judge Andrew Howorth of Lafayette County hosted the UM Clinical Programs’ swearing-in ceremony for 45 second- and third-year students under the Mississippi Law Student Limited Practice Rule, recently proposed by the Access to Justice Commission (AJC) and adopted by the Mississippi Supreme Court. Tiffany M. Graves, executive director of the AJC, said, “The new rule will expand the limited practice opportunities of law students by allowing them to provide limited legal services as part of a clinical legal education course, law school legal internship program, or through a volunteer legal services program under the supervision of licensed attorneys. Now, substantially more students will be able to participate in programs and initiatives that provide civil legal services to the poor.” The UM Clinical Programs consist of nine professor-directed clinics (and two in-house practicums), which allow students to “learn by doing” under the direct supervision of experienced attorney/clinicians by actually representing indigent and low-income clients with a wide variety of legal problems.