Law School Seeks Alumni Feedback for Strategic Planning

Oxford, Miss. — The Law School is engaged in comprehensive strategic planning this fall and has announced plans to involve alumni in the process through a strategic planning survey in early October and a special alumni forum on Friday, October 23.

“Our law school program is the strongest it has ever been,” said Dean Debbie Bell. “And yet, we face challenges. This is a critical moment in legal education. The new realities of the job market make it essential that we right-size classes, find ways to reduce student debt load, reexamine curricular goals, and improve job placement.”

“Alumni feedback is crucial to the success of our strategic planning process,” said senior associate dean Jack Wade Nowlin, co-chair of the drafting group which will write the Law School’s new strategic plan. “We need to know what our alums think about new directions and new ideas to keep the Law School moving forward.”

The alumni survey will be conducted online and sent out to the e-Newsletter mailing list in early October. The survey will ask questions designed to generate new strategies for advancing the Law School’s mission and improving alumni engagement.

The alumni forum is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday, October 23—the weekend of the Texas A&M game. Details of the event are being finalized, and formal invitations will be sent out to alumni through the e-Newsletter mailing list in early October. All Ole Miss alumni are very welcome to attend and participate in discussions.

The forum will include an opening presentation by Dean Bell, a roundtable panel discussion with distinguished alumni, and breakout sessions on major areas of strategic planning—such as admissions, placement, diversity, and curriculum. Faculty, staff, and students will also participate. A reception will follow.

“We hope our alumni will take the time to share their ideas through the survey and join us for the afternoon of October 23rd,” said Dean Bell. “Their advice and support are essential to the Law School’s success in the years ahead.”

Questions about the Law School’s strategic planning may be directed to Senior Associate Dean Jack Wade Nowlin at

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