Second Year Housing Student Reclaims Client Debt

Sam Maddox, second year law student, successfully removed debt from a client’s credit report recently as part of his work with the law school’s housing clinic, one of eleven clinical programs at the school.  The client’s report said she owed a more than $5,000 to an apartment complex where she previously lived, though the landlord never provided notice of the alleged debt and never sued for or received a judgment against her.

Sam Maddox, Greenville, Miss.

Sam Maddox, Greenville, Miss.

“Sam studied and familiarized himself with the nuances of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and filed a formal dispute on behalf of his client,” said Desiree Hensley, supervising professor of the low-income housing section clinic.

“This is a great outcome for his client, who needs good credit to pursue her professional and personal goals.”

In the housing clinic, students like Sam have the opportunity to bring and defend cases, negotiate settlements and offer advice and counsel to individuals and families facing conflict with their landlords, eviction and foreclosure.

For more information about clinical programs, visit their website.