UM Law Profs. Participate in National Access to Justice Conference


Professor Ben Cooper


Professor Desiree Hensley

By: Prof. Phil Broadhead

OXFORD, Miss.–Professors Ben Cooper and Desiree Hensley were presenters on a panel of distinguished academics who gathered at Texas A&M University School of Law for a discourse on “Reconsidering Access to Justice” on May 1, 2015. The focus in their panel was “Access to Justice in Context”, which brought the real-world consequences for unrepresented and under-represented citizens who are routinely denied the right of entry to our courts to seek redress of wrongs. Professors Cooper and Hensley presented an empirical study they plan to conduct regarding characteristics of small claims courts that may have the effect of limiting the fairness of those courts, and, in particular, how civil proceedings in the Mississippi Justice Court system affect access to justice in this state.