Faculty Highlights – December 2018

In September 2018, Professor Michèle Alexandre was an invited speaker at the 10th Annual Anniversary of the Vulnerability and Human Condition Initiative, at Leeds University School of Law, U.K. Professor Alexandre’s first book, Sexploitation: Sexual Profiling and the Illusion of Gender, implements the vulnerability framework. Below is a link to twitter feeds and pics of the invited speakers: https://twitter.com/MarthaLAFineman/status/1043836818104479744

In December 2018, Professor Michèle Alexandre will be an invited visiting scholar at the University of Leeds School of Law, U.K. Professor Alexandre is also a Global Affiliated Faculty at Emory University’s Vulnerability and Human Condition.

Director of the MacArthur Justice Center and Professor of Law Cliff Johnson spoke to MPB on issues with record keeping in jails.