Commitment to Service

The University of Mississippi School of Law is committed to serving Mississippi and beyond by providing access to justice, training legal professionals, and providing legal research for the bench and the bar.

Pro Bono Initiative & 11 Clinics Serving Live Clients

The UM Clinical Programs assist hundreds of Mississippians a year, representing abused children, neglected elderly, wrongfully incarcerated persons, and families facing eviction and foreclosure.

The Pro Bono Initiative has initiated over a dozen pro bono projects across the state, providing volunteer services to hundreds of Mississippians in family law, expungement, and other matters.

Serving the Judiciary: Mississippi Judicial College

The Judicial College provides the statutorily required training and education for all of Mississippi’s various courts and court personnel, publishes bench books used by all state judges, training manuals for court personnel, and widely used model form jury instruction manuals.

Serving the State: Mississippi Law Research Institute

The Mississippi Law Research Institute provides detailed legal analysis to legislative committee counsel and municipal leaders, publishes four manuals used by most law enforcement departments in the state, and provides intellectual property training and support for Mississippi’s public universities.

Serving the Nation: National Sea Grant Law Center

The National Sea Grant Law Center provides legal research and publications relating to coastal, environmental, and maritime issues.  Examples of their service include assisting coast cities to maintain flood insurance class ratings, organizing workshops for Mississippi land use planners, and assisting with the development of ordinances to improve coastal resilience.