Centers & Institutes

The University of Mississippi School of Law has several nationally recognized centers and institutes which provide practical experience and academic training for our law students, as well as educational opportunities and research for the legal community.

Mississippi Law Research Institute (MLRI)

The MLRI is an official advisory law revision, research and reform agency of the state. It provides unbiased, nonpolitical law research for the Legislature, municipalities, universities and state agencies. It is also the home of the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Legal Program and the National Sea Grant Law Center, programs providing legal research and publications relating to coastal, environmental, and maritime issues.

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National Sea Grant Law Center (NSGLC)

The NSGLC is the only national center dedicated to providing legal extension and outreach services to coastal communities. It is funded by the National Sea Grant College Program, and is a nationwide network (administered through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) of 32 university-based programs that work with coastal communities to address today’s marine environmental problems. The Law Center has been providing legal research, education, and outreach to the Sea Grant College Program since 2002.

In addition to organizing continuing legal education events and other training, center attorneys and law student research assistants provide universities and federal, state and local governments with legal research assistance on a wide variety of ocean and coastal issues, including public access, fisheries management, water pollution, invasive species and hazards.  Center attorneys also train law students in the field of ocean and coastal law.

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Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Legal Program (MASGLP)

The Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Legal Program at The University of Mississippi School of Law has conducted legal research, education, and outreach since 1972 as the legal research arm of the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium.

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Mississippi Judicial College (MJC)

The Judicial College provides continuing legal judicial education and training for supreme court justices; court of appeal judges; chancery, circuit, county, justice and municipal court judges; youth court judges and referees; and court administrators, court clerks and court reporters.

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Business Law Institute

The Business Law Institute’s mission is to train great business lawyers. The Institute has leveraged the Law School’s most valuable asset – an expert faculty committed to teaching – by placing the faculty’s top business law experts in a shared office space with students. The close proximity of faculty and students facilitates continuous access and close student-faculty collaboration and engagement. This novel educational model maximizes the fluid transfer of knowledge and experience between teachers and students that animates deep, active learning.

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Center for Air and Space Law

Founded in 1999, Center for Air and Space Law is a reliable source for creating, gathering, and disseminating objective and timely remote sensing, space and aviation legal research materials.

The Center serves the public good and the remote sensing and aerospace industry by addressing and conducting research, education and outreach activities related to the legal aspects of applying remote sensing, air, and space technologies to human activities.

The Center regularly engages in and sponsors a variety of activities in the fields of remote sensing and geospatial technology law as well as domestic and international space and aviation law.

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