Housing Clinic

Students assist individuals and families facing eviction or foreclosure and victims of illegal lockouts and predatory lending practices. They take responsibility for the management of their own cases, meet with clients, interview witnesses, draft motions and pleadings and appear in court. For assistance, please contact us at 662-915-3493.



There is a growing demand among law students for more opportunities to learn how to be competent, ethical and skillful lawyers while in law school. Employers also demand graduates who are fundamentally ready to practice the law before they are hired. At the same time, there has been an upsurge in demand for pro bono legal services for indigent clients. The clinic responds to these demands by engaging law students in complex legal practice where they learn to work intimately with a team comprised of other students, their professors and members of the private bar.

Assistant Professor Desiree Hensley, Assistant Professor of Law and Director of the Low-Income Housing Section