Cambridge Study Abroad Program – Expenses and Financial Aid

Financial Aid Budget

Outlined below is a breakdown of expenses for the Cambridge Summer Session

Tuition and Fees $3,995.00
Books and Supplies $750.00
Room and partial Board* $5,500.00
Transportation $2,000.00
Personal $2,200.00
Remaining Board $2,000.00
Total $16,445.00

*Board is Breakfast and Lunch, Monday-Thursday only; estimate based on current exchange rate.

Financial Aid

Stafford Student Loans and Supplemental Loans for students are available to eligible U.S. law students who enroll in the Cambridge Summer Session. Using a “consortium agreement” between the University of Mississippi and the financial aid office at the student’s home law school is recommended. These agreements allow students to deal directly with the financial aid officers on their campuses. Interested students should talk to the staff in their financial aid office.