Law Journals

The University of Mississippi School of Law is associated with a number of law journals–both student- and peer-edited. The Law School’s journals expand legal knowledge, promote scholarship, aid practitioners, and regularly provide students with opportunities to work with authors and develop legal writing and research skills.

Mississippi Law Journal

The Mississippi Law Journal, serving the Mississippi Bar since 1928, is the flagship journal of the University of Mississippi School of Law. The Journal’s scholarly publications include articles written by academics, practitioners, and students.

The MLJ publishes a primary print edition, Supra–an online edition, and a weekly case briefing service for subscribing attorneys. The Mississippi Law Journal also partners with the peer-edited Federal Courts Law Review to provide student editing services for the Review and print publication of its articles.

The MLJ’s innovations in recent years include the comment development program, faculty peer review forum, external publication initiative, record levels of student publication, and the MLJ-FCLR partnership.

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Federal Courts Law Review

The Federal Courts Law Review is an electronic law review dedicated to legal scholarship relating to federal courts. The Review was founded in 1997 and is a publication of the Federal Magistrate Judges Association.

The Review’s peer editorial board is composed of United States Magistrate Judges and law school professors and uniquely combines the insight of the federal judiciary with the perspective of law school academics.

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Mississippi Sports Law Review

The Mississippi Sports Law Review is a student-run scholarly publication producing a bi-annual journal that addresses current legal issues that arise in collegiate and professional sports. The Review hopes to contribute to the growth of Sports Law as an academic discipline and add to its growing legitimacy in the academic community.

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Journal of Space Law

The Journal of Space Law is a faculty directed, student – edited law review. This law review is devoted to space law and the legal problems arising out of human activities in outer space. It publishes two issues per year and has been published since 1973.

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Sea Grant Law & Policy Journal

The Sea Grant Law and Policy Journal is an Open Access online journal that provides a forum for the timely discussion and exploration of legal topics of relevance to the Sea Grant network of extension agents, researchers, coastal managers and users, and local decision-makers.

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The SandBar

The SandBar is a quarterly publication reporting on legal issues affecting the U.S. oceans and coasts. Its goal is to increase awareness and understanding of coastal problems and issues.

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Water Log

Water Log is a quarterly publication reporting on legal issue affecting the Mississippi-Alabama coastal area. Its goal is to increase awareness and understanding of coastal issues in and around the Gulf of Mexico.

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Mississippi Law Journal Peer Review

In 2014, the law faculty and student editors of the Mississippi Law Journal began an exciting new faculty-student academic partnership—creating a forum for the publication of peer-reviewed articles in the pages of the Journal. This peer review process combines the best facets of two distinct academic traditions—the law school practice of student-edited journals and the social science practice of expert faculty peer review of articles.