Volume 10 Issue 1 – Mississippi Sports Law Review

Spring 2021

Table of Contents

Letter From Editor


A Perfect Storm: Transfer Restrictions, Pay-for-play, and the Future of Collegiate Athletics
Chase Browndorf 

Reestablishing Education as the Cornerstone in the Ncaa’s Name, Image, and Likeness Debate
Christopher J. Gerace

The Nfl’s Mandatory Search Policy: Once Considered a Fourth Amendment Violation Today Just an Accepted Inconvenience for Entry to the Game
Robert J. Romano & Brian Harte

Approaching 50 Years: Title Ix’s “competitive Skill” Exception to The Prohibition on Single-sex Sports
Caleb R. Trotter 


Redefining College Softball
Jordyn Augustus

Keeping Up With the Jerry Joneses: How to Stop Billionaires From Using Our Money to Fund Their Playgrounds
Jordan Butler

Inconsistent Judicial Interpretations of the Utah Inherent Risk Of Skiing Statute and Economic Implications
Kelton Ekblad

“swipe Up?”: Reality Stars-turned-influencers Vs. College Athletes and the Road Ahead With Name, Image, and Likeness
Bess Fisher

Title Ix Reinterpreted: Obligation of Publicity
Rosa Leon

Not Just Kickin’ It: How the Current United States Soccer System Will Not Yield Success in Mls
Anna Claire Mercer

The Truth Behind Professional Tennis: a Tennis Lesson on Match-fixing
Alberto Moriel 

Deflating Amateurism: How College Basketball’s Bubble Consideration Undermines the Ncaa’s Principle of Amateurism
Taylor A. Story

Let the Girls Play: Making the Case for the Essential Reform of Title Ix
Georgia Summer

The Rising Call of Gender Fluidity in the Law and Sport
Watson Turnipseed