External Student Publications

Recent and Forthcoming Student Publications

Katie Berry – JASTA: In an Era of Fake News, Publicity Infused Terror, and a Directive from Congress, 70 Ala. L. Rev. Online (2019) ___

Mary-Katherine Black – Fighting the Opioid Epidemic with Tax Policy: The Establishment of the Substance Abuse Preventative Rehabilitation Trust, 10 Widener J. L., Econ. & Race ___ (2019) 

Charlotte Cooper – Too Stupid: Intellectual Disability as a Statutory Ground for Termination of Parental Rights, ___ Mod. Amer. ___ (2019)

Katherine Farese – The Bun’s in the Oven, Now What?: How Pre-Birth Orders Promote Clarity in Surrogacy Law, 23 U.C. Davis J. Juv. L. & Pol’y ___ (2019)

Marilyn Higdon – Trading Your Health: Assessing the Need for Domestic Regulation of Telemedicine and Ability to Conform to U.S. Trade Agreements, 32 Loyola Consumer L. Rev. ___ (2019)

Nikki Breeland – “All the Truth I Could Tell”: A Discussion of Title VII’s Potential Impact on Systemic Entertainment Industry Victimization, 25 UCLA Women’s L.J. 135 (2018)

Kelsey Dismukes – Measuring Mercy: Protecting Patient Discretion in Terminal Care Under the 14th Amendment, 75 Nat’l Law. Guild Rev. 100 (2018)

Zachary Harper – The Old Sheriff and the Vigilante: World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement and Section 301 Investigations into Intellectual Property Disputes, 10 Trade L. & Dev. 107 (2018)

Lucas Kelly – Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em: Discussing The WTO Dispute Settlement Panel’s Decision To Uphold Plain Packaging In Australia And Its Impact On The Future, 35 UCLA Pacific Basin L. J. 179 (2018)

William Moorer – Wynn and Others Can Learn from Wyndham: Effects of FTC v. Wyndham Worldwide Corp. on Casino Operators’ Cybersecurity Policies and Loyalty Programs, 22 Gaming L. Rev. 3 (2018)

Sarah Raben – The ISIS Eradication of Christians and Yazidis: Human Trafficking, Genocide, and the Missing International Efforts to Stop It, 15 Braz. J. Int’l L. 239 (2018)

Brittany E. Barbee – To Kill a Migratory Bird: How Incidental Takes by Commercial Industry Activity Should Be Regulated by a New Civil Penalty Regime, Not the Current MBTA, 24 Buff. Envtl. L.J. 91 (2016-2018)

Mallory Bland – Nighttime Execution of Warrants: An Analysis Under Wilson v. Arkansas and Virginia v. Moore, 54 Crim. L. Bull. 628 (2018)

Blake Brookshire – Building the Trade Wall to Mexico: What NAFTA, Brexit, and TPP Mean for the Future of U.S. Trade, 45 Lincoln L. Rev. 1 (2018)

Allison A. Bruff – The Juvenile Discount, 54 Crim. L. Bull. 829 (2018)

Desire’e Martinelli – Sex, Drugs, Trump and Birth Control, 24 Wm. & Mary J. Women & L. 295 (2018)

Morgan Stringer – It’s All About Principle: How Patent Trolling, Overbroad Patents, Evergreening, and Patent Shelving Represent a Departure from the Patent Clause and How to Return to the Principle of the Patent Clause, 13 Indian J. L. & Tech. ___ (2018)

Davis S. Vaughn – Dealing a Duty: Why Casino Markers Should Establish a Legal Duty of Care to Patrons, 19 Tex. Rev. Ent. & Sports L. 1 (2018)

James Patrick Huston – Pauper’s Parity: Taking Away the Fine Print of Your Contribution Is Tax Deductible, 25 Geo. J. Poverty L. & Pol’y 115 (2017)

Desire’e Martinelli – Skin Gambling: Have We Found the Millennial Goldmine or Imminent Trouble? 21 Gaming L. Rev. 557 (2017)

Spencer Newman – It’s All Downhill from Here: How the Nation’s Dispute with Clean Water Act Jurisdiction Is Solved, 7 Barry U. Envtl. & Earth L.J. 5 (2017)

Spencer H. Newman – Unreasonably Risky: Why a Negligence Standard Should Replace the Bankruptcy Code’s Fraudulent Intent Analysis for Gambling Debts, 8 UNLV Gaming L.J. 197 (2017)

Meredith Pohl – Taking the Series LLC Seriously: Why States Should Adopt This Innovative Business Form, 17 J. Bus. & Sec. L. 207 (2017)

Joshua Rhodes – Common Law, Common Sense? How Federal Circuit Courts Have Misapplied the Fourth Amendment and Why Officers Must Be Present to Make a Warrantless Arrest for a Misdemeanor Offense, 53 Crim. L. Bull. 639 (2017)

Davis Vaughn – Lien Back: Why Homeowner Association Super-Priority Lien Statutes Should Be Repealed, 71 Consumer Fin. L. Q. Rep. 68 (2017)

Lora Wuerdeman – Sidelining Big Business in Intercollegiate Athletics: How the NCAA Can De-Escalate the Arms Race by Implementing a Budgetary Allocation for Athletic Departments, 39 N.C. Cent. L. Rev. 85 (2017)

Spencer Newman & Davis Vaughn – Measuring Brief, 8 Pace Envtl. L. Rev. Online Companion 104 (2017)