Podcast: Conversations About the Law

University of Mississippi Conversations about the Law is a series of conversations between Associate Dean Michele Alexandre, Professor Christopher Green, and various guests to the university, as well as its permanent denizens.

Episode 1 – Andrew K. Woods

Andrew K. Woods discusses his new article, Litigating Data Sovereignty.

Episode 2 – Scott A. Keller

Scott Keller discusses life as the Solicitor General of Texas.

Episode 3 – P. Paul Fitzgerald

Paul Fitzgerald discusses a new mega-airline.

Episode 4 – Kristen Blankley

Kristin Blankley discusses the new frontiers of arbitration and agency regulations.

Episode 5 – Daniel J. Sharfstein

Daniel Sharfstein discusses the Nez Perce War.

Episode 6 – James L. Robertson

Jimmy Robertson discusses his relationship with Yale legend Myres McDougall and the early constitutional history of Mississippi.

Episode 7 – Donna Davis

Donna Davis discusses the new tax law.