Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Where is the Law School’s official lost and found?

The Dean’s Office maintains the official lost and found. Please check in with the receptionist in the Dean’s Suite on the second floor and describe the nature of the item you are looking for.

2.     Are there faxes or scanners I can use on campus?

The Grisham Law Library has faxes and scanners that can be used by students for Law School related business. For more information or a list of Library policies, please visit their website. Additionally, law students may use the main campus library, J.D. Williams Library, which has scanners and faxes available for student use.

3.     How can I reserve a room at the Law School and calendar an event?

The Law School utilizes a room reservation system called Social View. You can view room availability and request a room reservation. Access the calendaring system.

If you are planning an event and want to add it to the Law School Events Calendar, you will need to submit an Event Submission Form in addition to reserving the room through Social View.

4.     How can I reserve a room outside the Law School?

The UM Box Office handles the reservations for many rooms across campus. The UM Box Office is located on the main floor of the Student Union. You can reach them by telephone at 662.915.7411. Visit their website to find descriptions of the rooms they manage and a list of policies concerning room reservations.

5.     How can I get parking passes for guest speakers?

In order to arrange parking for visitors, you must contact Parking and Transportation Services to get guest parking passes. For large groups, please coordinate with the Dean’s Office so they are aware of the size of your event. The Parking Office is located in the South Campus Recreation Center. You can reach them by phone at 662.915.7235 or by email at parking@olemiss.edu

 6.     Is there a nursing room at the Law School?

There are many private spaces you can gain access to if needed. Please speak with Brittany Barbee, assistant dean of student affairs, if you need space to nurse. Dean Barbee can be reached by phone at 662.915.1423. Her office is located on the 2nd floor, room 2066.

 7.     How can I access the building after hours?

Your student ID card is programmed to give you access to the Law building after hours.

All you need to do is swipe your card in the card reader that is located near the door at the entrances.  The Law School opens daily from 6:00 A.M. and closes at 9:00 P.M.  Weekend hours will vary, especially on football game weekends- please check the law library’s website for weekend hours.  All doors automatically lock at 9:00 P.M.  Students have access to the law building through the entrance on the north wing (near Fraternity Row) and the Donor’s Lobby (front entrance facing the south).  Please make sure that you have your UM ID.

 8.     Is there a Notary Public at the Law School?

Yes. Librarian Professor Patricia Krueger is also a notary public. She can be reached by phone at 662.915.6889 and her office is room 2005.

 9.     How do I get a parking decal?

Incoming students should purchase parking decals by September 1st to avoid incurring a late fee. The decal fee for the first vehicle registered to a student is $85 with any additional vehicle costing $20. Decal fees are billed directly to your bursar account.

Parking Services also offers a “PARK & RIDE” program for commuter students that includes a reduced fee for parking decals. For more detailed information and access to the registration process, please visit their website.

10.  How do I get an Ole Miss ID Card?

You can get your Ole Miss ID card at the ID Center. Having an Ole Miss ID card is mandatory. Your ID will give you access to the Law School, allow access to all University libraries both in person and via the web, provide access to the Turner center, and serve as your ticket to many campus events. The ID Card can also be programmed to serve as an Ole Miss Express debit card if you elect to participate. You can get a card by going in person to the ID Center or by completing a form on their website. For more detailed information, please refer to their website.

11.  How do I get a locker at the Law School?

Students have until September 15th to rent a locker for the 2020-21 academic year.  The cost is $20.  Please see the receptionist in the Dean’s Suite on the 2nd floor to rent one. If a locker has not been paid for by September 15th, but is being used, it will cleaned out and items discarded.

12.  Is there a refrigerator for me to use if I choose to bring my lunch?

There is a student refrigerator located next to the vending machines on the first floor.  Items left in the student refrigerator will be thrown away every Friday.

13.  Can I post a sign in the law school?

Please do not use the clear inserts on law school room doors- these are used by the Registrar’s Office to post daily activities. Please contact Student Affairs for sign school sign regulations.

14.  Can I study in a classroom if it is not in use?

Yes. If a student wants to use a classroom to study in, they must check out a key from the receptionist in the Dean’s Suite on the 2nd floor.  Please note that students must not lodge anything in the door, or tape the lock down in order to keep the door from locking.  PPD will lock all classrooms at 6:00 PM daily.