Honor Code

The purpose of the Honor Code is to encourage professional and academic integrity at the University of Mississippi School of Law. Integrity itself maintains the legal profession. Academic integrity fosters common respect and accountability and is best implemented through rehabilitative efforts and enforcement. The nature and purpose of the University of Mississippi School of Law Honor Code system is to allow the students the greatest possible freedom in the pursuit of their studies without the necessity of supervision or proctoring by the faculty. It further purports to develop the highest possible professional standards of honesty, dependability and absolute integrity in the student body in all matters pertaining to the law and to legal studies. Enrollment in the Law School constitutes a student’s pledge that he or she will in all matters conduct himself or herself in accordance with the provisions herein stated. Section III addresses the specific types of conduct and behavior subject to the Honor Code.

If you need to report an honor code violation, please download and complete the Honor Code Violation Form, and email it to Honor Council Chair Emily Ludwigsen, at

View full Honor Code (pdf)

Honor Council Members

Chair: Emily Ludwigsen,

2L Representatives: Shannon Hussey, Madeleine Lamb, Zaquariya Patterson

3L Representatives: Abbey Bufkin, Meg Coker, Ansley McLellan

Student Advocacy Board

2L Representatives: Alexander Criswell, Michael Desmond, Jakob Gammons

3L Representatives: Will Morris

Judicial Opinions

Judicial Opinion #1 (pdf)

Judicial Opinion #2 (pdf)

Judicial Opinion #3 (pdf)