Pro Bono Initiative Overview

The University of Mississippi School of Law’s Pro Bono Initiative (“PBI”) is a unique in-house pro bono program. Student volunteers attend legal clinics, where they team with attorney volunteers to interview and assist pro se litigants. Student volunteers can also work on policy initiatives and provide public education on legal issues.

Legal clinics. The program’s client-focused opportunities center around legal clinics that last anywhere from three hours to all day. The clinics convene student and attorney volunteers and clients in courthouses or community centers around the state. Each event focuses on a particular area of the law. At the clinics, student volunteers team with attorney volunteers to interview pro se litigants and provide advice and/or limited representation in the form of drafting documents and instructing the litigants on how to proceed with their matter.

Policy initiatives. PBI works with advocacy organizations to develop opportunities for students to work on campus, local, and statewide policy initiatives. Students have worked with the Mississippi Access to Justice Commission, the Mississippi Center for Justice, and the Mississippi Bar and addressed issues of disaster relief, juvenile justice, domestic violence, incarceration for fees, and access to justice.  See the Policy Initiatives tab to review some of our projects.

Public education. PBI student volunteers provide public education on various legal issues to area organizations.

Networking. In addition to assisting clients, volunteer students work in small teams with practicing attorneys from private practice and public interest organizations who provide invaluable mentoring and practical advice on entering the job market.

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For the Public

Please Note:  The Pro Bono Initiative is a clinical program that connects law students with pro bono events and organizations. The Pro Bono Initiative does not represent clients or give legal advice directly to members of the public.