Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition for the Master of Laws program (26 credits)

Full-time, Part-time, Distance, or On-campus modes 

Additional courses, or externships/internships which require course credit to participate, are in addition to the LL.M. total tuition fee and will be calculated on a per-credit basis.

Tuition Fees for the Graduate Certificate program (12 credits)

Full-time, Part-time, Distance, or On-campus modes 

Financial Aid

U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for federal loans. Most students who are eligible for federal student loans will be able to borrow an amount sufficient to cover the cost of attendance, including tuition and living expenses, but the type of federal loan available will depend on the borrowing history of the applicant. For more information and a loan application, please contact our financial aid office or phone at 1-800-891-4596.

Currently, financial aid is not offered for the Graduate Certificate Program.

If you have any questions about the Program in Air & Space Law, please email