Mississippi Firsts: African American Alums Lead the Way for Future Generations of Lawyers

In honor of Black History Month, here are just a few of the trailblazers that have graced the halls of the University of Mississippi School of Law.

These individuals who achieved Mississippi Firsts continue to inspire generations of law students.

Felecia Adams, J.D. 1984

Justice Reuben Anderson, J.D. 1967

Judge Vicki Barnes, J.D. 1977

Calvin “Buck” Buchanan, J.D. 1983

Judge Debra Brown, J.D. 1997

Tomika Harris Irving, J.D.  2002

Rod Hickman, J.D. 2017

Judge Tyree Irving, J.D. 1974

Judge Isadore Patrick, J.D. 1980

Alexander C. Martin, Sr. J.D. 1982

Judge Crystal Wise Martin, J.D. 1998

Carroll Rhodes, J.D. 1978

Alix Sanders, J.D. 1969

Judge Betty Sanders, J.D. 1979

Judge Lillie Blackmon Sanders, J.D. 1979

Daniella Shorter, J.D. 2008

Constance Slaughter-Harvey, J.D. 1970

Vangela Wade, J.D. 1996

Judge Patricia Wise, J.D. 1984

Judge Adrienne Wooten, J.D. 1999

Louis Westerfield, Dean of UM Law 1994-1996