UM Law Endowment Pays Tribute to Longtime Telecommunications Executive Roger Flynt

The late Roger M. Flynt Jr. loved the University of Mississippi and its law school, crediting his education there for much of his enduring success.

As a testament to his life, his wife, Gaye Flynt of Oxford, Mississippi, has established the Roger Flynt Memorial Law Endowment. The endowment is unrestricted, meaning it can be used at the dean’s discretion.

“I have so much confidence in Susan and Suzette that I think they’ll use this gift where it will do the most good,” Flynt said, referring to Law School Dean Susan Duncan and Senior Development Officer Suzette Matthews. “I just want Roger’s name to be in the law school’s annals, showing his recognition of the law school’s contribution to his success and that he gave back to his alma mater. And I believe there will be generations of students who will benefit from it.

“There may be something 20 years from now that needs funding — something that would really make this law school better or assist a student — and because the gift is unrestricted, the leadership can use the funds to support those unspecified needs,” she continued. “However it’s used would make Roger very happy.”

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