UM Law Professor Honored as SEC-U Academic Leadership Fellow

Professor Michele Alexandre has been selected as an SEC-U Academic Leadership Fellow. The award honors faculty who are academic leaders in their fields at Southeastern Conference universities. The SEC Academic Consortium Academic Leadership Development Program (SEC-U ALDP) aims to “identify, develop, prepare, and advance faculty as academic leaders in and for the Southeastern Conference universities.”

“This is such an incredible program and I am honored to represent our University,” said Alexandre. “I look forward to the workshops and to getting to know the other fellows participating. It is so wonderful that this program assembles rising academic leaders from all over the SEC to meet each other, discuss important issues, and learn how to improve in their work.”

Membership in the ALDP Program requires two regional meetings per year, at Louisiana State University and Auburn University, respectively. The meetings strive to prepare selected members to meet the challenges of academic leadership by developing the leadership, managerial and organizational skills to lead complex organizations, as well as stimulating academic leaders to think critically about the future of their prospective universities.

Michele Alexandre joined UM Law School’s faculty in 2008. She received her Juris Doctorate degree from Harvard Law School, and is also an accomplished author and publisher of several books, law review articles, and op-eds. Her upcoming civil rights textbook, entitled THE NEW FRONTIERS OF CIVIL RIGHTS LITIGATION (Carolina Academic Press), is scheduled for 2018.

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