Transfer Students

A student who has completed the first year of law study at a law school that is approved by the American Bar Association may be considered for transfer. Admission as a transfer student is extremely competitive. A transfer student can receive credit here for no more than 30 credit hours of work on which the applicant has at least a C grade, based on the standard in effect at that law school. We understand that grading systems for Spring 2020 have changed due the Coronavirus pandemic. The University of Mississippi School of Law will accept P/F grades for transfer students, and transfer students will receive credit for passing grades.

The transfer application should be submitted through the LSAC website. In addition to the requirements mentioned on the Application Process Page, applicants will also be required to provide the Law Admissions Office with the following:

  1. Official law transcript sent directly from law school(s) of record.
  2. Letter of good standing, which includes class rank from the Dean of the law school of record [sent directly from the law school].
  3. Statement of Interest in transferring to Ole Miss Law.
  4. Letters of recommendation from law professors at the law school of record.


Transfer applications must be complete by August 1 for a fall start, November 30 for a spring start and April 15 for a summer start.


No transfer student is awarded a degree from the School of Law unless that student has completed the last four semesters in residence and has maintained the average required for graduation on all work attempted at the University of Mississippi School of Law.

Admission Requirements for Transient (Visiting) Students

A student (1) who is in good standing at a law school that is approved by the American Bar Association, (2) who has earned a minimum of 25 credit hours at the law school to which credit will be transferred and (3) who wishes to attend the School of Law for a summer or regular term on a transient basis only and to apply those hours toward the degree at another law school is eligible for this enrollment status. Please refer to the admission requirements for transfer students for a list of the remaining steps.

NOTE: A transient student may enroll for up to one academic year (defined as one summer, one fall and one spring semester) or for no more than 30 credit hours.

Admission Requirements for Students who have Previously Attended Another Law School

An applicant who has attended another law school must submit a letter from the dean of the previous law school reporting the status of the student at the time enrollment was terminated. Academic performance as a law student will be taken into consideration as part of the overall admissions process.