Faculty Highlights – August 2019

Professor of Law, Jamie L. Whitten Chair of Law and Government, and Faculty Athletics Representative Ron Rychlak oversaw the annual meeting of the Southeastern Association of Law Schools (SEALS), in Boca Raton, Florida July 28 – August 3. He hosted the Call for Papers Luncheon, chaired the Steering Committee meeting and the Board Meeting, addressed the Global Legal Education Association Consortium, and presented a paper on New Defenses at the International Criminal Court.

MacArthur Justice Center Director Cliff Johnson was quoted in a Mississippi Today article about prison conditions in Mississippi.

Associate Professor of Law Antonia Eliason’s article, “Using the WTO to Facilitate the Paris Agreement: A Tripartite Approach,” was recently published in the Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law.

Eliason also had her article, “Evident Partiality and the Judicial Review of Investor-State Dispute Settlement Awards: An Argument for ISDS Reform,” recently published in the Georgetown International Law Journal.