The Career Services Office is here to empower you and give you the resources to develop your unique career in the law, as well as to broaden your job opportunities. As a means of beginning this process we encourage you to complete the Individualized Development Plan (IDP) worksheets. These worksheets will help you identify:

  1. Your workplace values,
  2. Practice area and setting preferences
  3. Your level of lawyering skills
  4. Your career goals.

Access your Individual Development Plan worksheets (pdf).

After compiling all of this data from your individual self-assessment, Career Services staff members will help you set goals and generate action steps relevant to your career aspirations, whether you have a specific idea of what to do or you are simply in the information-gathering stage. Taking a proactive approach to your career early in your law school education allows you to be directed in the types of opportunities to seek. Identifying practice areas of interest in a good start. HG Legal Resources provides basic information of more than 260 areas of practice and identifies some firms in each state that practice those specific types of law.