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OleMissLawCSO – Career Services Management System

OleMissLawCSO replaces Symplicity and provide the same services.  Students can search for and apply to jobs, sign-up for interviews on-campus, and register for campus events and workshops online.

If you have any questions about OleMissLawCSO please contact any Career Services staff member:

Karen Peairs – 662 915 6828,

Cassandra Latimer – 662 915 6830,

Access to the OleMissLawCSO Website:

NOTE:  if you had a Symplicity account, your information has been transferred – just request a new password.

Existing Users

Log into system using your Username and Password.

New Users

Registration: If you are not a current user, please register for an account: OleMissLawCSO.

  • Complete all sections and click on the Register button.  Required (*) fields    are marked with an asterisk.
  • In the Student ID # field, you may enter any combination of letters and numbers – this is just a system requirement and will not be used.
  • Click on the Submit Profile button.

NOTE: Once you have submitted your profile, your account will be in pending status awaiting review by a Career Services Office administrator.  When your registration is approved, you will receive an email notification.  If you do not receive your email notification within 24 hours, please contact the Career Services Office.

All Users

Complete or update your profile:

  • Under My Account, select My Profile.
  • You will see sections containing Personal Information, Demographic Information, Skills, and Additional Information.
  • Each section will have an edit link.  Click on this link or on the tabs at the top of your profile to edit fields within the section.
  • Carefully go through each section and complete all of the fields making sure to click on the Save button.  Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

NOTE: The more detailed your profile, the better we will be able to assist you.