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The Law Enforcement group develops and maintains handbooks and training material for use by Mississippi law enforcement personnel, prosecutors and court personnel.

Model Form Affidavit Book

Model Forms For Criminal Affidavits with Statutory References and Penalties: This book contains well in excess of 225 model affidavit forms for violation of various Mississippi criminal statutes. Each form tracks the statutory language which in essence gives the elements of the crime and includes the minimum and maximum penalty for its violation. In most cases footnotes are given covering important information about the crime or its prosecution. The book has been widely used for years by Mississippi judges, prosecutors, court clerks and law enforcement officers as a quick reference guide to Mississippi criminal violations.

Law Enforcement Handbook

The purpose of this pocket size book is to help familiarize law enforcement officers with the legal principles which govern key areas of law enforcement activities in the prevention of crime and the apprehension of criminals. Issues dealing with temporary detentions, arrest with or without a warrant, search and seizure with or without a warrant and interrogation of suspects are among the principles included in a summary format.

Rules of the Road

The Mississippi Code, Title 63 entitled “Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulations” encompasses the Mississippi law governing travel on the public roadways of the State of Mississippi. To make the “rules of the road” more accessible in condensed form to the various law enforcement departments and other agencies of this state, select statutes have been put in a pocket size book and are updated annually.

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Meaghin BurkeMeaghin Burke ( joined the Mississippi Law Research in 2006 after graduating from the University of Mississippi School of Law, where she oversaw the Mississippi Briefing Services.  She has extensive experience in intellectual property law and has taught Legal Research at the University.