Sports and Entertainment Law Concentration Requirements

The University of Mississippi School of Law offers a program of concentration in Sports & Entertainment Law for students who seek to develop special expertise in these areas during their law school careers. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the concentration provides an edge for students who have demonstrated their commitment to and interest in Sports & Entertainment Law. Upon completion of the requirements of the Sports & Entertainment Law concentration, students will be awarded a certificate evidencing completion and a notation on their official transcript.

The Sports and Entertainment Law Concentration recognizes a student’s strong emphasis in the sports and entertainment law field. A student may be recognized for a Concentration in Sports and Entertainment Law by satisfying the following requirements:

  • Successfully completing 5 Core Courses;
  • Successfully completing at least 3 Intensive Credit Hours;
  • Successfully obtaining at least 24 credit hours in Core Courses, Intensive courses and Other Eligible
  • All credits counted for the Concentration must be graded, and the student must obtain at least a 3.0 grade point average that includes grades for all credit hours counted toward satisfying each of the three requirements set forth

Due to scheduling constraints and prerequisites, students must plan carefully in order to complete the Concentration.

Core Courses, Intensive Credit Hours, and Other Eligible Courses are listed below. Each Core Course is offered at least one term each year (for each of Core Courses 5, at least one of the eligible courses is offered each year), but others listed below may not be offered every year. A list of the specific courses offered in any given term that may count toward the Sports and Entertainment Law Concentration will be disseminated prior to enrollment for that term.

Core Courses

  1. Sports Law I (Amateur Sports) 647
  2. Sports Law II (Professional Sports) 755
  3. Entertainment Law 709
  4. Intellectual Property 580
  5. (A) Gaming Law 661 OR (B) Copyright Law 657 OR (C) Trademark Law 683

Intensive Credit Hours

Any of the following provided that it has been approved by the designated faculty member for the Concentration prior to enrollment for the term in which the credits are earned:

  • Externship*
  • Individual Study
  • Writing class that satisfies the Upper Level Writing Requirement
  • Skills class

* Externship must be related to sports or entertainment law.

Other Eligible Courses

  • Administrative Law 605 (3)
  • Advanced Torts 754 (2-3)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution 651 (3)
  • Antitrust Law 621 (2-3)
  • Clinics: Externship 654 (3-6)
  • Constitutional Law II 508 (3)
  • Corporate Finance Law 606 (3)
  • Corporations 601 (3)
  • Emerging Issues in Intellectual Property 756 (3)
  • Employee Benefits 728 (3)
  • Employer-Employee Relations 645 (3)
  • Employment Discrimination 640 (2-3)
  • Higher Education and the Law 683 (3)
  • Income Tax. Of Corp. and Shareholders 633
  • Income Taxation II 702 (3)
  • International Commercial Arbitration 722 (3)
  • International Intellectual Property 732 (2-3)
  • International Sports Law (1) (Cambridge)
  • Labor Law I 614 (3)
  • Labor Law II 617 (2-3)
  • Law and Film 744 (3)
  • Legal Accounting 573 (1-3)
  • NCAA Seminar (SLT Skills) (2-3)
  • Partnership Taxation 634 (3)
  • Patent Law 535 (3)
  • Sports Law Review 611 (1-4)
  • Trademark Law 683 (3)
  • Transformative Works and Copyright Fair Use (SLT) (1)
  • Workers’ Compensation 618 (2-3)
  • As appropriate, additional courses and Advanced/Special Legal Topics focusing on sports or entertainment law may be included in this category on a case-by-case basis upon approval by the designated faculty member and/or Senior Associate Dean.

Intent to Pursue Sports and Entertainment Law Concentration

Statement of Completion of Sports and Entertainment Law Concentration