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A Multi-Purpose Submission Form!

  1. Publicize. Use this form to publicize an event/meeting/activity. Your submission will appear on the Events Calendar. Significant listings will appear on the electronic bulletin boards, in News stories, in the Alumni e-Newsletter, etc.
  2. On-Campus and Off-Campus. Use this form for both on-campus and off-campus events/meetings/activities.
  3. Room Booking. Use this form to book a room, or other space, at the law school.

Freeze Out Check. Before submitting this form, please check the Events Calendar to make sure that your submission does not conflict with a “freeze out” listing (a priority calendar listing marked in red).

Submit in Advance. Rooms and spaces at the law school often book up months in advance. Please submit significant Events Calendar entries as far in advance as possible, ideally before the start of the semester. Even for minor bookings, please allow a minimum of 48 hours for confirmation.

Non-Law School Requests. The School of Law does accept room booking requests from non-law school entities. Of course, the law school must give priority to its academic programs, co-curricular activities, student groups, etc. Please consult our External Events Policy for more information.

Study Rooms and Class Meetings. If you only want to book a room for a study group or for a class, please request a room through the room reservation calendar.

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