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Michael Hoffheimer

Professor Emeritus

A member of The University of Mississippi School of Law faculty since 1987, Professor Hoffheimer practiced law for three years in Cincinnati, Ohio as associate with the law firm of Frost and Jacobs (now Frost Brown Todd) where he was also appointed trial attorney by federal and state courts for indigent defendants in criminal cases.

Prof. Hoffheimer teaches Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Conflict of Laws, Remedies and Legal History.
Prof. Hoffheimer has published more than 75 articles, chapters and reviews on legal, philosophical, and historical topics, and his scholarship has been cited by state and federal courts. His books are Conflict of Laws: Examples and Explanations (Aspen 2010),Eduard Gans and the Hegelian Philosophy of Law (Kluwer 1995), and Justice Holmes and the Natural Law (Garland 1992).  He compiled Lexis’s Directory of Law Reviews (available on line) and is the author of Fiddling for Viola (2000).

Office Hours: M-F from 9 to 5, except when in class, or by appointment


Ph.D., University of Chicago
M.A., University of Chicago
J.D., University of Michigan
B.A., The Johns Hopkins University

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